Do Cell Phone Skins Protect the Phone?

As the popularity of smart phones and other cell phones rises among individuals across the world, owners of these expensive treasures have turned to covers and other skins in order to protect their technology. But while some swear by the protective capabilities of these small additions, others believe that they may do nothing more than add a false sense of comfort, providing no actual defense to the device.

Truthfully though, while the choice of purchasing is entirely up to the owner of the phone, slipping it inside of a skin before use can protect your phone in the following ways:

Protection Offered

One of the most common types of damage associated with smart phones is scratching and blemishing on the back area of the device. This location, most often made of hard plastic, is constantly subject to abuse, from keys scratching against it in pockets, to hard surfaces on which it is placed, to even rings and other jewelry threatening its physical integrity. And for those looking to keep the aesthetic beauty of the non-functioning parts of their smartphone intact, a cell phone skin is the perfect option. These protective skins will slip gently over your phone, and offer a durable surface that all but guarantees the safety of the structure of your device.

Though damage to the rear of the phone is often a concern, a shattered or cracked screen is also a pressing issue to those that own a touchscreen device. And while cell phone skins generally do not cover this area of the phone, they do often come with thing protective shields that help fend off any unwanted scratches. Additionally, most quality cell phone skins are slightly raised alongside of the screen, preventing it from coming in direct contact with surfaces in the event of a drop or fall.

Cause for Concern

Though cell phone skins do offer much in the realm of protection from scrapes, scratches, and other damage due to blunt force contact, they do often fail in one specific arena: water damage. Because cell phone skins are unable to cover necessary holes, such as plugs for chargers and headphones, they leave the device susceptible to damage caused by water and other liquids. And while physical damage can often be reversed, either through the use of repair or even replacement of certain parts, water damage is usually permanent and irreversible, forcing the owner to replace their smart phone altogether.

In this case, specific waterproof cases do exist, although they do cost much more than the average skin. In order to protect a smart phone from water damage then, it is advised for users to keep their devices away from bodies of water, and away from ears, fingers, and other body parts that are perspiring.

Worth the Investment

With this information then, the question still remains: are cell phone skins necessary, and are they worth the investment?

And ultimately, while the decision is up to the individual, at a cost of usually 20 to 40 dollars, this minor investment will help protect the structure of your phone, and further help ensure that you won’t have to replace it in the near future.

How Long Does a Cell Phone Skin Last?

Mobile phones are probably the most ubiquitous technological tools in this day and age. In terms of designs and functions, the earliest models of cellular phones in 1983 were fairly simple. Radio-powered phones were in vogue back then. From that time onwards, a rapid evolution has occurred. GSM phones entered the scene in 1990’s and eventually, the rise of customizable phone designs dominated the entire market. Regardless of the brand and model, mobile devices must be properly maintained if you want to keep its good condition. Particularly, cell phone skins tend to wear off especially if you are not careful. A cell phone skin will last depending on how you use it.

Most of the time, you bring your cellular phone with you. Even if you pay close attention to its safety, your phone will eventually get bruises and scrapes. Cell phone skin damages are sometimes irreversible. This is especially true if you just use it without a protective casing. Your mobile device becomes more vulnerable to serious damage like being smudged or scraped by metals and other sharp objects. The good news is you can effectively minimize these risks. Just take note of these tips to keep your device in better shape.

iPhone Skin

Phone Skins

Whatever brand of mobile phone you are using, you need to enclose it with a flexible and durable cover. Thinner phone skins are recommended if you do not want to add more bulk to your device. This type of skin adds a new layer of protection from possible scratches. On the other hand, thicker skins are advisable if you want to shock protection. It also allows a firmer grip of your device.

Smartphones these days are already designed with hardened external covering including carbon fibers. In fact, most mobile phones with sturdier bodies have Kevlar components. If you want to add more protection, phone cases are available. Aside from the fact that it adds more style to your device, it also protects it from possible damages.

Cell Phone Skin


Phone skins are highly recommended if you want your device to look trendier. While a phone skin makes your phone looks stunning, it also serves as a semi-permanent cover. You can remove it later on if you want a new design. However, a used phone skin may not be very useful because it loses its adhesive properties. You may need to purchase and design a new one.


Phone skins let you express your personality by customizing its colors and design. Look for customizable phone skins that are made from ultra thin and high quality materials for hassle-free application. Moreover, choose a new design which you can quickly remove without damaging your phone’s original cover. There are many phone covers and skins supplies that offer various designs and customizations to suit your mood. In fact, some of these suppliers even offer unique and original artworks that are personally designed by creative artists. If you are considering using a phone case or skin for your device, make sure it is durable, stylish, and affordable.

The 5 Most Geek Friendly Laptop Skins

When it comes to laptop skins everyone always wants something completely and totally unique to their style, their favorite something, their favorite color, shape, letter, saying, one thing or another. Usually girls get something girly like pink frilly kitty cats, or their favorite celebrity man crush whether it be an actor or singer or boy band what have you. Boys want their favorite super model, rapper, car or truck or sports team whatever that may be that they are into now.

Then as people age they get into other things and find that certain things appeal to them more and find their niche in specific things that say the “outside world” really knows nothing about. If you’ve notice in the recent few years, becoming a “nerd” or a “geek” is becoming more and more shall we say socially acceptable. Thank you Big Bang Theory, Steve Jobs and our fellow Trekkies and Comic Con people!


Forever a favorite is Captain Jean Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation! Not only did he successfully play the Captain of the Enterprise from 1987 to 2002 but in the beginning he was so convinced he was going to be fired from the show he didn’t unpack his back for six weeks. He’s played in everything from the stage in London to Star Trek to Doctor Who to enjoying doing self deprecating humor in series such as American Dad! and spoofs in movies. This skin can be found online for about $29.99. There are some others, but his “Engage” is always a favorite!


For the actual inside computer guts geeks, this slick Gelaskins Motherboard laptop skin is online. Now I’m sure you will be able to tell that it isn’t exactly perfect and all in all that’s pretty dang cool in itself that you know that! I mean come on, that’s a brain dude! But, fool some of us out here with this slick look. They are priced anywhere from $14.95 to $29.95.

Star Wars

There is of course the geekdom that is Star Wars!! Whether you are a fan of the old movies or the new Episodes or both there are skins all over the internet and anywhere you go pretty much. There are the Family Guy spoofs skins, Star Wars title only skins, Darth Vader only, Chewie, Yoda, light sabers, whatever your heart desires!! They price anywhere from $4.99 to $29.99. Find one you like and get that sucker on!










Now everyone relax, we didn’t forget all the comic geek chicers out there. DC and Marvel fanatic peeps out there, there is a ton stuff out there for you as well. Whether you have one favorite superhero or are a fan of all of them and can’t decide and like the idea of having a collage of all of them there are so many choices out there for you. They all range in prices from $4.99 all the way up to $32.99 depending on where you get it and if it’s for a laptop or a MacBook.








Last but not least, the upmost geekiest thing that can come to mind, ever is the periodic table, and wouldn’t you know it. It happens to be online sold for $19.95. There is all kinds of them that was found. Some with funny jokes on them, some with just the table on it, some with just funny specific equations equally out to words or an inside joke, etc…

Skins are fun to search and purchase, find what’s right for you and invest in one. Happy shopping!!

How to Make Your Own Laptop Skin

How spectacular would it be if your laptop would reflect your personality. You use it everyday for extended periods of time, why not show other people that it is truly and entirely yours, by creating your own laptop skin. That way, you would also get the opportunity to change the skin periodically.

The simplest way of creating a design is to use photoshop and make one. You could use your favorite Game of Thrones character or Big Bang Theory dialogue or a Keep Calm slogan and modify it on photoshop. The only difference when printing it woul be to use a matte photo paper, as it is thicker and printer friendly. A regular printer paper is thin and too temporary. The matte photo paper will offer a raise when stuck to the laptop.

Another idea, if you are the draw-it-yourself kind of person, would be to sketch your favorite design – it could be a dress design, shoes, innovative gadget or monster truck. The sketch or drawing can be done on white or colored contact paper. Use a permanent marker to create the image on the paper so that the edges are thick and prominently visible on the laptop sleeve.

When sticking anything on the existing laptop sleeve, it is important to remember that the sleeve should be wiped clean and dust free. It should not be wet and should not have any grainy material stuck to it. Glue dots should be applied sparingly, so as not to damage the sleeve.

To add bling to the laptop sleeve you can add rhinestone dots to the survace, but only on contact paper, and not directly. Applying rhinestones might take time, but the end result will surprise you. Use tweezers to apply the rhinestones carefully on to the sleeve. You can create a pattern or uniformly apply the rhinestones.

You can also find fake leather, suede or mock-fabric and cut it to fit your laptop and use it as a sleeve. Using these types of fabric will not just make your laptop look different, but it will also feel different.

Remember that laptop skins are not just a means of personal expression, but also good to build a business identity or logo. It will be a great push for business identity, you might be able to promote your company in the best possible manner without being too obvious about it.

These laptop skins made at home are easily removable, but when done gently. If pulled off suddenly, they might leave a mark on the original skin that will be tough to clean. So ensure that the glue you use is not too strong and the design is simple so as not to appear awful.








How to Design a Phone Skin on Ottoskins

iPhone SkinsThese days there are seemingly hundreds of personal electronic devices, media players, smartphones, tablets, etc. of different makes, models, and colors. People are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. They are looking for ways to personalize and customize their personal electronic devices and smartphones. Ottoskins provides thin, unique, stylish “skins” to customize and protect your devices.

Choose a Design or Design Your Own

Ottoskins provides numerous options for skins and covers for your electronic devices pre-designed by talented artists. If you cannot find a pre-designed skin to suit your personality, then Ottoskins welcomes your custom design ideas. Creating your own custom-designed device skin is simple and easy.

Follow These Steps to Design an Ottoskin Phone Skin

You can design your own phone skin on Ottoskins in 7 easy steps. Ottoskins even provides an easy to use online custom phone skin design tool.

Select Your Electronic Device

Ottoskins are available for a myriad of electronic devices. Ottoskins are available for iPods (all generations and incarnations), iPhones, smartphones, iPads, Nook readers, Kindle tablets, Android tablets, Windows tablets, laptops (Mac and PC), gaming devices, Apple TV, Flip camcorders, and more. Select the phone or device you wish to customize.

Cell Phone SkinsSelect a Design


Ottoskins offers an image library of hundreds of designs. You can select from the images library and the shapes library, or you can upload your own image. You can actually drag your chosen or uploaded images and/or shapes onto a picture of your device on the Ottoskins website. You can make adjustments to the placement and layout of images, shapes, and even your own custom text. You are able to use the tool to design both the front and back of your phone.

Upload Your Own Image

To upload your own image, click on the Upload Image button. Fill in the required blanks and click the Upload button. Images must be in .jpg, .tiff, or .png format.

Placing Your Images

Place your images onto the phone diagram by dragging the image over to the template. Drag them wherever you would like on both the front and back of the phone.

Arranging Your Images

You can resize and rearrange your images using the tools provided in the design tool. You have the option to resize, rotate, pan, zoom in, zoom out, position, and rotate your image(s) on the phone.

Additional Options

Add your own custom text or shapes. As an additional option, you can add in your own custom text and even select the font and designate the size.

Design Both Sides of the Phone

The Ottoskins Design Tool allows you to customize both the front and the back of your phone, if you choose. Take full advantage of your customization options.

Once you have completed the design process, and you are excited to get the process of making your custom phone skin underway, the Ottoskins Design Tool will allow you to complete your purchase. As you make updates and changes to your custom design, the price displayed on the screen will change, so you know with every update how it affects your price. Once you have completed your design, click the Buy button, add to cart, and complete the ordering process. Congratulations! You have designed your own Ottoskins phone skin.

3 Reasons a Custom Phone/Laptop Skin Makes a Great Gift

Choosing a gift for someone can be a lot of fun, or very frustrating. Sometimes you just don’t know what to get them, especially if it seems like they already have everything they might want or need. Do you resort to a box of chocolates, or reach for that generic bouquet of flowers at the grocery store? If that someone special has a smart phone or a laptop, a custom skin for their device might be the perfect answer to your predicament.

3 reasons to consider a custom phone or laptop as a gift:

1. Functional

iPhone Skins

Source: wikipedia

How many times have you gotten a gift that ended up taking permanent residence in your cupboard or on a bookshelf? Yes, it’s true that it’s the thought that counts. However, when thought combines with usability, the gift becomes even more appreciated. Practically everyone owns a smart phone or a laptop and all of those people want to protect those devices. A skin will protect their device from dings and scratches. This is the kind of gift that will get lots of use and is guaranteed not to end up on some shelf collecting dust.

2. Personalized

Giving someone a gift that is truly personalized shows how much thought went into the gift selection and also makes it more likely that they will want to use the gift. This is where customized phone and laptop skins come in. These days, skins come in tons of different styles, colors, and motifs. Does your friend love cats? There’s a skin for that. Do they crave ice cream? There’s a skin for that. A world traveler? There’s a skin for that. From fruit to flowers, super heroes to puppies, you’re sure to find a skin that suits your friend.

Laptop Skin

SOURCE: flickr

Beyond the designs already available to buy, you can also go to the next level and design a skin just for your friend or loved one. Companies offer you the option to pick a basic design and then add your own images to the skin. The possibilities are truly endless. You could give your special someone a skin with a photo of their pet, their child, or their favorite city on it. Each time they use their phone, they’ll be reminded of you and the time you dedicated toward making their celebration extra special.

3. Budget Friendly

Finally, a customized skin for a phone or laptop can be a great gift because it won’t empty your piggy bank. Skins are really not that expensive and they deliver a lot of bang for the buck. A super useful and totally customized gift for less than you’d spend on a dinner date? Perfect. This is one gift that allows you to show how much you care without spending a lot of cash. A budget friendly, personalized, functional gift that your loved one can use every day sounds like a great gift idea.

Why Use a Custom Laptop Skin to Individualize Your Computer

Laptop SkinsDesktops are becoming machines of the past. Laptops and strong, fast, portable computing devices have become the personal computers of today’s day and age. With so many similar laptops and like devices distributed in abundance throughout the general populous, many people look to customizing their laptops, as a means of standing out from the crowd and individualizing their machines. Custom laptop skins have become quite popular. Laptop skins are frequently accompanied by laptop decals or laptop stickers.

Stand Out from the Crowd with a Custom Laptop Skin

Custom laptop skins are made to your specifications and requirements and will individualize your computer. With the help of a custom laptop skin, your computer will be distinctive and personalized for your taste. The world is full of color, and for many people, the mundane gray of most laptop shells is too boring and ordinary. Their personality screams to be different and individual. Custom laptop skins will add the excitement of color and satisfy your need to express your personality.

Which Skin to Choose

The biggest problem with custom laptop skins is trying to decide which skin to choose. Everyone is different, and there really is no limit to what can be created as a laptop skin. Some of the more popular skins these days include pictures of family, pets, or friends. Other people choose skins with sports, music, or movie themes. Some people have even been known to create a customized skin of their favorite supermodel. Right now, video game and comic book themed laptop skins are also very popular.

If It’s a Laptop, There is a Custom Skin to Fit It

Macbook SkinsCustom laptop skins can be made to fit practically any laptop on the market today, regardless of whether they are PC or Mac. While custom skins do not completely protect your laptop from all harm and abuse, they do provide an additional layer of protection from common dings, dents, and scratches. Not only do skins help your laptop look cool, but they also help it look cool … longer. Laptop skins are also interchangeable, so you can switch your laptop skin to a different design and feel, as if you have a totally new computer.

Installation is a Snap

Do not let the fear of installing a laptop skin prevent you from experiencing the fun and benefits of having one. Because custom laptop skins are made to fit your laptop and to your custom specifications and requirements, they are easily installed onto the outside shell of your laptop. Within minutes, you will transform your laptop into a mobile statement about your personality and preferences.

Laptops have become numerous and abundant. It seems like everyone has one these days. While many of them are powerful, strong computing machines, for the most part, they all look the same on the outside. Custom laptop skins will help you individualize your computer and convey your personality. A custom laptop skin will help you break from the mundane and add the color and individuality to your life that you so desperately crave.

The 5 Coolest Laptop Skins Available

Protecting your laptop from any external damage is extremely important to ensure its longevity, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style and class for protection. Laptop skins, sleek vinyl covers that slip on your laptop for aesthetic pleasure and shielding against the elements, are the perfect combination of cool and functional and are available for most designs. If you are looking to keep your laptop safe while showing off your inner creativity, here are the five coolest laptop skins to put on your device today.

1. GelaSkins

It doesn’t matter if you have an Apple, a PC laptop, or a small netbook made by Sony – GelaSkins has laptop skins that will fit virtually every device. And these skins aren’t meant simply for functionality, either: GelaSkins lets you choose from a variety of different pieces of art to wrap around your notebook, or even design your own and send it in. And if your own art gains popularity, it might even appear on the GelaSkins website as a commercially available design for the world to see and purchase.

Laptop Skins

Source: flickr

2. SkinIt

Another well known name in the industry, SkinIt creates some of the most innovative and creative laptop skins on the market. While they still allow you to create your own design, SkinIt gives an incredible amount of premade options, ranging from sports logos, to fine art, to even famous pictures from world renowned photographers. Artists can rejoice at all of the wonderful options that SkinIt has to offer.

3. DecalGirl

While many other laptop skin companies attempt to cater to adults and business professionals, the designers at DecalGirl understand that there is still an under-18 crowd that uses laptops every day – and it shows in their design. With DecalGirl, you can choose from leopard print, to cute ocean designs, to even skins that mimic the look of a school notebook. Kids and teenagers across the country will love the hip and fun looks that DecalGirl has to offer.

Macbook Skins

SOURCE: flickr

4. Schtickers 

Pictures look fantastic draped across the back of your laptop, but where do you turn if you want to write a line of text that the whole world can read?

You turn to Schtickers. This new maker of laptop skins still offers the traditional options of artistic backgrounds and custom designs, but also lets users write text that they want shown on the rear of their device.        The laptop skins at Schtickers are the perfect option for anyone wanting to shout out to the world from the safety of their screen.

5. Get Your Skins

This purveyor of laptop skins makes products similar to the rest, but it is their special offers that win them a notable mention: from time to time, Get Your Skins offers special discount pricing on their laptop skins that give purchasers the option to save quite a bit of money on these awesome items.

Protect Your Device

It’s extremely important to protect your laptop from any possible damage. And with these five great laptop skins, you can keep it safe and look good as you carry it around for the day.

iPhone 5 cases for underwater photography

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“The iPhone 5 is one brilliant smartphone and Apple fans who like to travel would love to take photos underwater when scuba diving or snorkeling etc, but as we all know this handset is not waterproof like the Xperia Z.

We have decided to show you three great iPhone 5 cases to make underwater photography a breeze and safe..”

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